Reduce your AWS Costs by up to 30%

CTR AWS Scheduler

CTR’s AWS scheduling toolkit lets you manage, optimize and govern your AWS Cloud resources from a single place and reduce your AWS costs by up to 30%.

Why a scheduler ?

Optimize – Setup a schedule according to your business needs and the scheduler will manage your startup, shutdown and other maintenance tasks.
Govern – Quickly deploy a governance policy across your cloud deployments as you would do with your on premise infrastructure.
Simple – Easy to setup and scale according to your needs.
Secure – Uses standard AWS encryption and IAM roles. No credentials, access keys or tokens shared or stored.
Compatible – Out of box integration with all supported AWS resources and regions.

CTR AWS Specializations

Managed Cloud Services
Round the clock managed services let you focus on your business while we take care of the cloud operations.
Cloud Adoption
Deep dive into your business goal, design and build the right cloud solution for your organization.
Cloud DevOps
Continuous integration using tools like Chef, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, Beanstalk, and OpWorks.
Cloud based solutions that meet HIPAA, PCI and ITAR requirements on AWS.
High Availability
Build cost-effective, highly-available and durable cloud solutions on AWS Infrastructure.


Connect with a consultant to discuss how we can customize a similar solution for your company's specific challenges. Please contact Dick Kenney at 714- 912-9719 or fill out the contact form below.

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