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Architecting for Cloud Security: Bastion Hosts

When it comes to cloud security there are a number of concerns that come up. These can be broadly classified into two categories. The security threats faced by the customers who have their application...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud ERP

This is the second in the series of articles about Cloud ERP. In our first article, we discussed some standard definitions of Cloud ERP and the basic features of Cloud ERP systems. In this article, we...

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About to upgrade your ERP system? Read this first.

A recent research study by Unisphere Research revealed that close to half of the respondents intended to move to the latest release of their Enterprise/ERP suite within the next two years. The chief r...

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Today’s Outdated State of ERP When was the last time you upgraded your ERP system? Not just patched, fixed or tinkered with it—but implemented a substantive upgrade that enabled real ...

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