Data Analytics
Raise your business intelligence

Above everything, data is the lifeblood of business. The ability to perceive new opportunities and threats is key to developing solid plans and strategies, especially if your end goal is growth.

While traditional intelligence is fine for businesses tracking for specific information, those interested in identifying and analyzing larger trends may need the assistance of specialized technology. We can help you capture new information or re-examine existing data using technologies such as Hadoop. With relevant strategies to help capture, amalgamate, and develop data, CTR can provide you with a strategic advantage over competitors.



Data is about making sense of the big picture. Using next generation software, we help businesses track the trends to stay competitive.


As the new world currency, data is your company’s most precious asset. We offer simple, powerful solutions for easy storage and reporting.


Learn how to get the most out of your data. We give you the tools to decode the trends and get the big picture.

You Should Be Investing in Business Intelligence Now

  • Minimize Guesswork You collect data on a daily basis throughout your business activities. Use that relevant data to help make good decisions for your business rather than gambling that the decision you are making based on instinct is the right one.

  • Mitigate threats and exploit opportunities Business Intelligence will help you proactively identify threats and opportunities so you are able to plan how to best prepare your business. Your results will be far superior when you put a plan into effect rather than reacting.

  • Construct better milestones With better data, you can design better business goals and track your progress regularly. If you aren’t hitting your milestones business intelligence can help you learn why and how to get you back on track.

  • Understand your customers Whether your company has millions of customers or merely dozens, your data driven insights about your customers can be valuable. Knowing the five w’s of their purchasing will allow you to increase conversion rates and increase sales.

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CTR has truly been a great partner in uncovering and attending to our needs and continues to provide world class application and technical support. Every CTR consultant that we worked with is knowledgeable, experienced, committed, and reliable. …. After R12 upgrade we continually engaged with CTR for additional modules for Asia and Europe.”

International Clothing Retailer Sr. Director System Development MIS

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