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As a business intelligence tool, Tableau provides the light bulb moments for businesses attempting to navigate complex markets. As a partner, we can help you leverage this best-of-breed cloud-based solution. Over 26,000 organizations worldwide already rely on this powerful enterprise solution. Build incredible calculations using easy drag and drop capabilities. Our certified business experts can integrate Tableau into any of your current systems, whether it’s software, apps, or a website. Get the information necessary to plan for tomorrow–today!





Why Many of the World’s Largest Enterprises Choose Tableau

  • Easy to use. No technical knowledge required to connect to data or to build dashboards and to then analyze them on the fly.

  • Implement the platform you prefer – on-premise, fully-cloud or hybrid.

  • Integrates well with third party Big Data platforms allowing you to leverage Tableau’s world class visualization with your Big Data solution.

  • Access data through multiple platforms including mobile. You can distribute your data to your team through desktop, web browser, iPad or cell phone, whatever is best for your business.

  • Data Security. Let your IT team manage data access while your users analyze and visualize.

The Data Visualization Revolution

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Tableau – Pros and Cons

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Welcome to Tableau Version 10

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“We’ve enjoyed a successful, long term relationship with CTR, beginning with the initial implementation and continuing with support for our day to day operations. They have been great partners and have helped us leverage our ERP to improve our business.”

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