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As the purveyor of powerful digital solutions, our goal is to support you with an innovative platform that keeps you real world ready in one of the fastest evolving business landscapes. As end-to-end solution providers, we embrace digital trends and analyze consumer shifts in order to design solutions that meet your specific needs and challenges.

We understand that allowing customers to quickly fulfill their needs is the key to keeping them happy. Using Magento, we design, develop, support, and maintain powerful web stores that lead to the best user experience and conversion rates.



We revolutionize eCommerce with powerful solutions, platforms, and CMS software, enabling businesses to thrive online.

CTR eCommerce Services on Magento

From Conception to Realization

CTR as your Magento partner provides end-to-end Magento design, development and support services by our certified Magento resources.

Magento Development

  • Using coding best practices we do Magento development from scratch. Our intent is to combine site performance while developing Magento themes that lead to the best user experience and conversion rates.
  • Custom Extension Development and modifications to fit your specific needs. All our custom development includes extensive testing to make sure any new additions or changes to existing additions will not adversely affect in place systems.
  • Onsite search capabilities which allow your customers to find exactly what they are looking for, easily.

Magento Custom Design

  • Custom landing pages for marketing campaigns, blog integrations or even a full website redesign.
  • If you are not happy with the current design and performance of your Magento store, CTR will help you take it to the next level. A new modern look with custom graphics and architecture will make your store run faster and will convert more traffic into sales.
  • Template/Theme Design. We combine default Magento features with custom functionalities to enable your customer to reach buying decisions more quickly.
  • Blog integration enables you to cross- sell across multiple channels, pushing customers to your store pages

Magento Support and Maintenance

Once your new store has been built the job is not done.  CTR can help you with product imports, design changes and site performance.

  • As your Magento web store sees increasing traffic it may become necessary to improve performance when you do not want to upgrade your hardware. CTR can identify means to optimize your site performance without costly upgrades.
  • Shipping Configuration and Payment Gateway Integration. We provide full support for different shipping and payment options.
  • Magento Administration by CTR allows your team to concentrate on the tasks that provide the most benefit to your company. Let CTR experts manage your Magento store for you.

General Magento Consulting

  • Migration to new hardware or to a cloud hosting service may be imposing for companies without the technical staff in-house. CTR will transfer all files and databases, set-up integrations and confirm your migration has been successful.
  • If you need help installing/configuring a plug-in you have purchased we can complete that process and identify any conflicts before they affect your online store. We will back-up your current website to ensure your business is safe from interruption.

Magento on Amazon Web Services

When customers begin arriving on your new Magento webstore, what happens if traffic volumes exceed your expectations and the capacity of your current hardware?  This can also happen due to seasonal sales or simply regular promotions.

While having too much customer traffic is a pleasant problem to have, if your infrastructure cannot be easily augmented to handle this, you will be turning business away and potentially impacting customer perception permanently.  CTR is a long time Amazon Web Services partner and we can prepare you webstore for this by positioning it on AWS from the outset.

By being proactive and using AWS for your platform CTR can monitor your web traffic and scale up your AWS environment so your webstore will provide the experience your customer expects and deserves.  Once the need has ended, CTR will then scale down your services to normal levels to manage hosting costs.

If you would like to learn more about Magento, click the Magento logo before to go to the website.

We had a very aggressive project to upgrade from R11i to R12 and chose CTR to assist us. Thanks to CTR, the project was completed on schedule and within budget – a resounding success! … Their blend of technical capabilities and functional expertise is truly amazing!”

International Clothing Retailer Chief Operating Officer

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