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To put it briefly, we are both experts. You understand your products and market, and we understand eCommerce. By leveraging the Magento platform, we carefully balance the needs of your business with the demands of your customers to create lasting value for both.

As an A to Z partner, we provide full design, development, and support services. If you prefer, we can take over management of your store, leaving you free to focus on your business while we look after the technology. We understand all commerce is driven by experience. Allowing your customers to quickly fulfill their needs is the key to keeping them happy and improving conversion rates. With Magento, you’ll have the ability to grow and adapt to changes long after our journey has ended.


Up Your Conversion Rates Using Magento

Magento is the preferred eCommerce platform for many global brands and approximately 20% of all eCommerce sites are powered by Magento.  CTR’s certified Magento experts help our customers take their online stores to the next level using this leading open-source platform, driving growth and customer retention.

Why we love Magento!

Magento is Open Source!

This means you can select what toolsets and platforms you wish to use and host your store where it makes sense for your business.  This also gives you many more choices for technical support when your store has issues or you wish to make changes.  Add as many or as few features as you wish to your store for free!

Magento was built as an eCommerce storefront

Other solutions started off as content management platforms but Magento was intended for eCommerce from the beginning.  That means it was designed and developed with delivering features like Inventory Management, Shipping, Supplier Management and cross selling/up-selling.  If Magento doesn’t have a specific feature you need it has a host of Third Party Apps that you can plug-in as necessary.  Payment gateways, shipping and tracking and even analytics can become a part of your Magento platform.

SEO Friendly

We all know that in order to up your conversion rate you first need to get your customers onto your storefront.  Magento is a lot of SEO features baked into it such as meta-tag control, site maps and is very mobile friendly.  If you need to tweak your site, even more, there are numerous paid and free extensions to help your efforts.

Magento will help get your customers to your store and we’ll help to keep them coming back.

“We have worked with CTR on several projects over the past several years and have found them to be a very strong and valuable partner. …we have found them to be honest and straight forward with us, not sugar coating anything, but clearly identifying any issues or concerns, along with their proposed solution.”

Commercial Financial Institution SVP and CIO

Our deep-sense of commitment to our customers defines how we do business, and our years of experience working across industries underpin the vast array of services we offer. 

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