Infrastructure Management
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To survive and outlast your competitors, you must have the capability to innovate and evolve. This requires the right technology and this can only be implemented with the right infrastructure, which is the backbone of all IT operations.

The advent of new technologies means more opportunities to enhance communication, improve margins, reduce costs, improve speed and safeguard operations. At CTR, we can help you transform your IT environment with innovative solutions for virtualization & storage, data consolidation, backup configuration, just to name a few. Let us help extend your capabilities!



Here is how CTR can help you manage your infrastructure

  • Patching existing hardware and applications requires your teams to work off hours and still be available for regular operational support. Our offshore teams can complete your patching when your business is asleep, getting you ready for the workday.

  • We can help you move your existing applications to cloud solutions to help take some of the burden off your existing team.

  • Infrastructure Architecture consulting. We can help you assess how you most effectively utilize what you have currently and if it makes sense to look to a hybrid solution using cloud infrastructure as well.

  • Supporting global enterprises for the past 20 years, CTR has a large pool of technology experts with knowledge and experience that may not be available in your local market.

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“We have worked with CTR on several projects over the past several years and have found them to be a very strong and valuable partner. …we have found them to be honest and straight forward with us, not sugar coating anything, but clearly identifying any issues or concerns, along with their proposed solution.”

Commercial Financial Institution SVP and CIO

When you work with us, your long-term success is our motivation.

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