Staff Augmentation
We can fill your short and long term needs

To thrive and adapt in today’s environment, businesses need the capacity to anticipate and adapt to change. Part of that means embracing technology, but when that technology fails, operations can grind to a halt. With a team of Oracle DBA and Application professionals, we can help mitigate unplanned disruptions. With 24-7 coverage, you can get on-demand support as and when you need it. Additionally, we can service all major applications. From simple staff augmentation to total management solutions, CTR offers a full toolbox of services.

With the speed at which technology is changing even the most well-staffed HR department will find it challenging to properly fill all IT roles for their company. There is simply too much to know to effectively identify quality resources. CTR has a roster of trusted technology specialists from our many years in the industry and is ready to help you find the right resource for both short and long term engagements.


When to ask CTR for staffing help

  • When you don’t have the time or the means to find good resources yourself. CTR has high-experience in-house technologists as well as a network of over 20 years to draw from to fill your need.

  • When you need someone on short notice or for a limited time. Risk mitigation for resource shortages is just one of your responsibilities as an IT leader. CTR has in-house resources that we can leverage quickly to help fill in for vacation absences or unexpected shortages on your operational and project teams.

  • When you are seeking specific expertise. CTR has dozens of cross-functional resources in-house with extensive business knowledge. Couple this with our own technology network in one of the globes technology hubs and we can help find you the resource you need.

  • Your project timeline is slipping. CTR can provide experienced resources that will help you get your project back on track. We can then pull them out once their work has been completed, all without you needing to make significant commitments to these resources.
  • When you are seeking a permanent addition to your team. CTR frequently places resources in contract-to-hire situations. This allows you to make a good assessment of any potential employee while also getting them up to speed with your systems and procedures.

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“We’ve enjoyed a successful, long term relationship with CTR, beginning with the initial implementation and continuing with support for our day to day operations. They have been great partners and have helped us leverage our ERP to improve our business.”

International Door Hardware Manufacturer President

Our deep-sense of commitment to our customers defines how we do business, and our years of experience working across industries underpin the vast array of services we offer. 

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